Beauty Shower Filter-Multi-layer Protection for Healthier Skin & Hair



  • Multi-layer filter protection, soften hard water, keep water’s PH Balance. Helps restore healthier and smoother skin, softer and stronger hair
  • High pressure, saving water up to 30%
  • Top material,non-toxic and eco friendly
  • Easy Installation in 2 Minutes, Universal with G1/2”connection screw thread

Finish option



PC, ABS plastic, Aluminum Alloy

Shower Nozzles

Stainless steel shower panel with laser spray holes






1 Function


Elevate the showering experience with the beauty shower filter, meticulously designed to transform ordinary showers into a luxurious and health-promoting ritual. This advanced shower filter is engineered to soften hard water and maintain the water’s pH balance, ensuring that skin and hair receive the best care possible. Ideal for those seeking to enhance their beauty regimen, the shower filter is a must-have addition to any bathroom.

Key Features:

  • Multi-layer Filter Protection: Softens hard water and maintains pH balance, essential for skin and hair health.
  • High Pressure & Water Saving: Provides a high-pressure stream while saving up to 30% water.
  • Top-quality Materials: Constructed with non-toxic and eco-friendly materials, ensuring safety and durability.
  • Easy Installation: Installs in just 2 minutes with a universal G1/2” connection screw thread.


  • Material: High-grade PC, ABS plastic, and Aluminum Alloy that guarantees long-lasting use.
  • Shower Nozzles: Precision-engineered stainless steel shower panel with laser spray holes for a consistent and soothing water flow.
  • Finish: Elegant chrome finish that complements any bathroom décor while providing corrosion resistance.
  • Size: Compact dimensions of 8×28 cm, making it suitable for all shower spaces.
  • Function: Single-function shower head that focuses on delivering a superior, filtered water experience.

Transform every shower into a rejuvenating experience with the beauty shower filter. Embrace the benefits of purified water for healthier skin and more vibrant hair, adding a touch of luxury to daily routines.

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